Monday, December 20, 2010

Tweaker in Bell Gardens

This night was a crazy night, not because this lady smoked to much speed. But because of the street races that took place later that night. Which was what I originally set out to film when I captured this beauty. Oh and so you know this was a very unprovoked encounter, she came out of nowhere and started going off. Just wished I grabbed the camera from the start ! haha


  1. hahahahaha Just watched this video twice with everyone I work with and we all DIED. Chicks on something crazy. So glad you captured this!

  2. That's Vicki. I've heard my friend and her mom tell stories about this broad for a while now. I had never seen what she looked like before. Today my friend says that someone put her on youtube and she shows me. Now that is some funny shit...

  3. Hey anyway we cud view this video again???